When the television industry in Pakistan was new and struggling, there were actors and actresses whose devotion, hard work and commitment transformed it into a great institution.

Popular TV actor of Pakistan Qurban Jilani is one of such actors of yesteryears whose contribution towards the growth of television industry is enormous.

Popular Pakistani TV actor Qurban Jilani started his acting career in early 1970s and did a number of plays both in Sindhi language and Urdu. Qurban Jilani’s most memorable role is that of a hen pecked husband Shaheed Bhai in the drama serial Uncle Urfi.

Jilani had to change the tone of his voice and it is said that had the drama serial continued further he could have damaged his vocal cords. Such was the commitment of this fine actor that he bore immense pain to entertain the audience.

Qurban Jilani was a versatile actor and was quite at ease in every kind of role. If he was in the cast, the audience knew that the drama would be a super hit. Qurban Jilani did a brief stint with Pakistani film industry but found the world of glitz and glamour too artificial.

Qurban Jilani died quite unexpectedly on 30th October, 1996 in Karachi; incidentally he was doing a drama serial Uljhan in which he played the aged husband of a young wife. Qurban Jilani’s sons Adnan Jilani and Kamran Jilani also joined the showbiz.

Adnan the older one made his debut along with his then wife Sadia Jilani. The young couple attracted a lot of attention. Adnan is a remarkable actor who has performed in a number of plays and is best known for his role in Riyasat.

Even when he is acting with seasoned artists, he manages to stand out with his performance wether he is playing the villain or the hero. Other successful serials of Adnan Jilani are Chubhan and Anhoni.

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