Famous TV actress of Pakistan Laila Zuberi is one of the prettiest faces to grace the TV screen. Born and bred in Karachi on 18th August, 1957, the world of sound and lights was not new to her as she had earlier participated in radio programs as a child star.

Although she had previously worked in a play named Omar Marvi, Laila shot to fame with her performance as “Aabroo” in the drama serial “Chaoon” by Kazim Pasha. The drama was aired by Karachi center in 1985.

People were literally mesmerized by her beauty, grace and poise. Since then Laila has worked in many plays and her work has been appreciated by all especially her role as Khak Jah; a beggar girl who picks garbage. Incidentally this role is also Laila’s favorite. The green eyed beauty also received many offers from the film industry but she turned them down as in her opinion Pakistani film industry lacks professionalism.

Laila enjoys working in Karachi and Lahore as she finds people here more professional and committed to work. In Laila’s opinion the youth of Pakistan is very talented and full of potential and their zeal and the experience of seniors has led to the success of the private channels. Entering showbiz was not easy for her as she faced a lot of opposition especially from her in-laws. Her husband however fully supported her; the couple has two daughters and currently resides in Islamabad.

Laila started her production house in 1999 and has been fairly successful at production. She is also an active social worker and even through her plays tries to give message to the youth. Her play “Zindagi” from PTV was an effort to create awareness about drugs and narcotics among the youth.

Laila is also the chairperson of Pakistan Red Crescent and is currently the First Aid Ambassador. Laila is a committed social worker and has brought many women related issues such as dowry issue, reproductive health issue etc. to the attention of the authorities and the people.

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