Samina Ahmed is an iconic Pakistani TV actress, successful producer and director and a women’s activist all rolled into one. Samina started her acting career when she was just eighteen and a student of the Home Economics College Lahore. She has 50 years of work experience.

PTV at that time was in its early stages and Samina is one of the people who helped it grow to an institution it is today. Samina has numerous plays to her credit and does both serious characters and comic roles. Samina is one of the Pakistani actresses who have carved a permanent niche for themselves in the field of acting and are easily recognizable in a sea of faces.

Samina is passionate about her work and always wanted to bring about positive changes through the plays whether acted on TV or theater. She served the Alhamra Arts Council Lahore for two decades as a Program Director. She established a puppet theater trained puppeteers and arranged regular puppet shows.

She is also the first Pakistani female ever to own and run a production house successfully. The very first play of the Samina Ahmed Production House “Family Front” was broadcasted from PTV and its popularity can be judged from the fact that it ran 150 episodes; a record in the history of Pakistan Television.

It also managed to bag most of the top PTV awards in 1999. Since then Samina’s production house has entertained people with high quality message oriented comedy programs.

Samina was also an active member of Women’s Action Forum but her busy schedule does not allow her to devote more time to it although she supports its cause.

Samina is a strong lady who speaks her mind and makes her opinion clear. As she is one of the people who nurtured PTV, its decline saddens her. She blames the government for the dwindling popularity of PTV which in her opinion has transformed the institute into a government “mouth piece”.

She married actor Manzar Sehbai on 4th April, 2020. She has won many awards including Nigar Award for Best Supporting Actress, PTV Award for Best Director, the 1st Indus Awards for Best Actress Sitcom in a Leading Role and Pride of Performance Award.


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