Hanna Lake is one of the picturesque sights of Balochistan province of Pakistan. It is located 10 km from the capital city of Quetta. It is present in Urak Valley. Its depth is 49 feet.

The streams and melting snow from nearby mountain ranges as well as rain are the main water sources of the Hanna Lake. During the reign of the British, a channel was built to divert the water from the gorges towards Hanna Lake. The channel is now in dire need of repairs and much of the water is being wasted.

Hanna Lake is a popular tourist spot. The lake is surrounded by mountains. Against the backdrop of brown hills, the clear blue waters of the Hanna Lake are a wonderful sight. Pine trees planted around the lake have added to its beauty.

An artificial island has also been made in the middle of the lake. The lake is a bound with golden fish. The well-known Hayat Durrani Water Sports Academy (HDWSA) is located to the East of the lake. The environmental scientists say the future of the lake is in the most dangerous condition.

In 2019, the small action dam surpull was logically restored with the help of HDWSA. Because of this, the flood rain from Zarghoon Mountains has been coming to Hanna Lake which resulted in 50% rise in water level.

Hanna Lake offers tourists lots of facilities as well as activities. Boating and hiking can be done here and later you can relax at the lakeside restaurant. It is very strange that though it is a perfectly safe picnic spot, almost every year people have drowned here in boat accidents.

In 1990, an overcrowded local tourist boat capsized in result 40 people died and 8 were injured. Maybe a more careful approach should be followed while picnicking at Hanna Lake.

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