This mountain range is spread over an area of 500 miles. It stretches between the North Western Pakistan and Eastern Afghanistan. It is located on the western side of the Pamir Mountains and the Karakoram.

The eastern end of this mountain range in the north merges with the Karakoram Range. At the southern end, it merges with the Spin Ghar Range near the River Kabul. It is also known as the geographical center of world’s population.

Many rivers rise from Hindu Kush range like Kabul and Konar. There are many passes on the Hindu kush mountain range. Khyber Pass which is 1,027 m long is of much importance. A road was constructed in 1960 on the border of Pakistan and Afghanistan which has reduced the travel time between the countries to a few hours.

There are many notable peaks in this range but the highest one is the Trichmir which is located in the Chitral region of Pakistan at 7,708 meters. This peak is also known as the Queen of Chitral. It is Pakistan’s 13th highest peak and in the world ranking it is on the 33rd position.

Fact sheet of Hindu Kush Range in Pakistan

No.Names of Imp. Peaks of Hindu KushHeight of Hindu Kush Peaks (m)Location of Hindu Kush Peaks
1Tirich Mir7,706Chitral
3Udren Zom7,108
4Akher Chhish7,020
5Koyo Zom6,871Pechus Glacier
6Thui I6,660Ponarillo Glacier
7Gul Lasht Zom6,657Lutkho Valley
8Buni Zom6,550
9Thui II6,523Shetor Glacier, Thui Pass
10Ghamubar I6,518Ghamubar Glacier
11Ghamubar II6,432Ghamubar Glacier
12Ghuchhar Sar6,249
13Garmush6,244Garmush Glacier
14Chikar Zom6,110Chatebori Glacier
15Mankial5,726Swat Valley

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