Ho Mann Jahaan directed by Asim Raza is said to be a film for youths. The story begins with Arhan, Nadir and Manizeh (Sheheryar Munawar, Adeel Hussain and Mahira Khan) studying at the Institute of Business Administration.

Arhan is not interested in studying and music is his passion and he owns an unnamed band comprising of Nadir and Manizeh. Arhan is disliked for not scoring good grades by his father and teachers. (Nimra Bucha) Manizeh’s mother is a fine artist, while Jamal Shah, her father was a singer, lives alone and gave up making music. Manizeh was a bright student and loves Nadir, who belongs to an affluent family. Sonya Jehan is an independent woman and makes her presence.

With all this to establish eventually it intertwines roughly put together ‘Student of the year and Rock On’.

Ho Mann Jahaan is not about musicians or music. It is about identifying your true call. The coke bottles appear in big numbers confusing viewers. The film has nothing in reality to become a musician or to relate to music.

All said, Raza must be credited for highlighting and bringing to the forefront an important issue of parents dotting or ruling the lives of their children.

He has brought forward the arranged marriages done by old parents and put them under scrutiny for misusing the power they have on their children. However, Mehmud and Ansari have given moving performance to convince many parents to change gears as shown in this film.

The scripts and scenes are long needlessly and many lines are used even for a small communication that it sitting for all the minutes throughout the film is a bit troublesome.

However, Mahira has dealt the flaws in the script with grace and reveals her experience in close-ups, though the same kills the film, while Sheheryar is loud in the conversations, though not impactful. There were a lot of confessions made, but nothing had proper execution.

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