As winter approaches the country in full swing, it is a good time to ask yourself if you have the right apparel for the seasons of chilly mornings and foggy evenings.

Many a times we fall victim of the wrong sweatshirts and/or sweaters by gimmicks like cheaper price or items that just look good on shelves. Buying sweaters can be extremely tricky.

What looks good on another person might not fit you in the same way. Ill fitted sweaters can be a put off when the shoulders are constantly dropping off of your own shoulder or with the length does sit on waist instead hangs baggy.

There are many types of hoodies available in the market today other than the typical long sleeved boring sweatshirts. Like all other winter wear hoodies have also evolved over time to include something you can wear at any occasion.

Hoodies were popularized by the hip hop and rap music industry of the seventies. They have adjustable hood attached to the sweatshirt. The draw string around the neck helps in sizing the hood all around your head. This comfortable fashion comes in many colors, styles, and materials.

Pull Over Hoodies:

Pull over hoodies are closed from the front and have a distinguishing single pouch-type pocket in the front. People usually lock their hands in the pocket to keep themselves warm. This style is comfortable and has certain swag.

Hoodies with zipper:

Today you can also find hoodies with a zipper in the front. The zip-up hoodie will help you put on and take off the hoodie with ease. You can also open the zipper if you are feeling hot after a strenuous workout at the gym. Of course these hoodies don’t have the center pouch pocket; instead you can relax your arms on the sides.

Solid vs. Plaid Hoodies:

The most common material for hoodies is fleece, but you will be able to find many styles within fleece like stripped, solid, printed etc. Two of the most popular fleece hoodies are the standard solid hoodies and plaid hoodies. Solid hoodies are of a single color, like heather grey or black whereas plaid hoodies are checkered in different color combinations.

Whilst women usually prefer hoodies that sit on the hip, but generally men like to wear it slightly longer. Navigate online stores for all types of hoodies at best prices. These online stores have athletic hoodies for men, feminine hoodies with cute prints for the ladies and fun bright colored hoodies for children. Order the latest hoodies from the convenience of your home.

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