Team Pakistan 360 Degrees conducted an interview with Abbas Agha Ali recently. He is younger son of late Agha Sikander who was one of the top actors of his time.

If Agha Ali has joined showbiz, it is a natural thing as most of the kids of actors’ and actresses from previous generation choose this profession. The sincerity to his profession has made Agha Ali one of the leading actors of his era.

This talented actor made his debut in “Mein Hari Pyar” on Hum TV in 2012 and due to his good performance, he was nominated for “Hum Award for Best Soap Actor”. He isn’t just an actor, but also a model as well as a singer now. So, here is his interview.

Q. What do you like most/least about your Profession?
Agha Ali: The most I like is the love you get from people who are total strangers, people that you don’t know actually start loving you. The worst follows with it as you cannot have the life you had once anymore when you were an ordinary guy and not a star. Eating at public places and even shopping at times is difficult.

Q. Should your Parents have been more Or less strict?
Agha Ali: I lost my father when I was 6 years old. My mother have been no less than a father to us. She has been the best and I cannot thank Allah enough for it.

Q. How was Your Childhood?
Agha Ali: It wasn’t too calm or stable. It was actually hard. We were not rich and for quite a few years did not have a car. We hardly had money to go out even to have coffee.

Q. If you could go back in time, what would you do differently?
Agha Ali: Nothing.

Q. What do you do in your spare time?
Agha Ali: I wish if I could have some spare time. I already feel that a day should be at least of 36 hrs.

Q. Are you politically active?
Agha Ali: Not at all. I hate all the current political faces I see. I really wish and pray all the time that Allah send someone honest enough who could actually change things in our country.

Q. What’s the side of you that the public never sees?
Agha Ali: Well it’s me at home with my tantrums all out and visible. Those marks are something they will never get to see.

Q. When are you completely satisfied with your work?
Agha Ali: Whenever I hear someone saying he or she got satisfied and appreciate my work. If you ask me I’m never satisfied with even a single shot I give.

Q. What motivates you to act?
Agha Ali: Other actors and their real life stories. Specially my father and my grandfather’s (nana).

Q. What kind of roles do you prefer?
Agha Ali: It’s not the role but the story. I will be up for any sort of a character if the story is good to me.

Q. What is the most extreme change to your personality that you have done to land a role?
Agha Ali: I’m on a physical training session for my debut movie. I’m sure people will be amazed to see the change. Especially in the bare body scenes and action sequences.

Q. Tell us about a time where you had difficulty turning yourself into a character. What was the character and why was it challenging?
Agha Ali: It again would be my Debut Movie that I’m shooting. Second spell was completed in February 2016. I had to transform myself into an Elite force commando. The director and the producers wanted a certain body and shape so it’s a 6 month training and it is hard.

Q. What sort of roles do you hope you are performing in the future?
Agha Ali: Well anything and everything. But I’d say more in movies and less in dramas.

Q. How many projects you are currently working on?
Agha Ali: 3. One is the Movie (untitled) , one drama serial with Sania Saeed and Nadeem Baig Sahab (Big Bang productions) and my music album.

Q. In which area would you like to improve as an actor?
Agha Ali: I wanna try comedy now. And I have almost no idea if I’d be good at it or bad. So maybe I think I might have to improve my comedy timing.

Q. Who is your favourite actor? Male/Female
Agha Ali: They are Sania Saeed and Javed Sheikh. I love them and I’m proud of them.

Rapid Fire Questions

Q. What is your most/least favorite word?
Agha Ali: My favourite would be “Action” and my least favourite would be something I can’t write here.

Q. What turns you ON and what turns you OFF?
Agha Ali: Simplicity and good humor is something I get attracted to. Over confidence and too much of making up can make things worse.

Q. What sound or noise do you love/hate?
Agha Ali: The traffic sound “tee tee paan paan and poo pooz” . Any musical instrument being played well can be an incredible sound.

Q. What profession other than your own would you like to attempt?
Agha Ali: Anything but in the media industry. I don’t know anything else.

Q. Your top 3 good/bad qualities?
Agha Ali: Good: I think that I’m humble, I don’t lie and I think I’m a good son.
Bad: I smoke, I sleep very late and I can’t handle my anger at times.

We had asked many questions about the present and future of Agha Ali and then went to the past for some time and asked him a few more questions. When he was asked about the educational background, Agha Ali said I couldn’t study anymore after earning my degree of graduation.

We did not have enough money and I even graduated with a scholarship and my university (FCC) gave me a great amount of discount on the fees. Many people may not know Waseem Abbas is Agha Ali’s Uncle. When it was asked, were you introduced by Waseem Abbas, your Uncle? How does it feel to be third generation in showbiz?

Agha Ali answered when I grew up, the only person working in the industry was my uncle Waseem Abbas but due to some unknown reasons, he did not think of giving me a chance in his productions yet was busy in launching his son in several plays. I had no support when I started off. My mother’s prayers and my faith in Allah were the only support system for me.

The next question was about his real inspiration i.e. his father. He played “Waris” role in PTV’s all-time popular drama serial Waris and he is still remembered and loved by masses for that role.

We asked him what other roles of your father do you remember?. Agha Ali was visibly happy on this question. He told us he remembers Sakina and Cinderella. He further added his late father movies like Zra si Baat. But above all of that he was a man full of charm and was even more famous for his personality and how he was in real life.

He was and will always be my idol my ideal and someone I will always wanna be like. The last question was about his marriage. Agha Ali said no, I am not married yet. I have no plans yet since there is a lot more to do in life and I wanna wait for that very moment when I will feel like saying yes myself.

We thanked Abbas Agha Ali for giving his some precious time. We wish him a very good luck for his success journey!

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