Jawad Bashir was working for release of his new upcoming movie “Maya” at his residence in Model Town; I met him and took his interview there.

Q: Where were you born and what is your qualification background?

A: I was born in Lahore and I completed my graduation from National College of Arts (NCA) in Lahore, Pakistan. I started my work as an initial stage there.

Q: From where do you take your inspiration in your work and why do you make this movie?

A: Whatever I look around myself is my inspiration and I use that inspiration in my work. I started my career 25 years ago and I wanted to make a movie at that time, but I was not in that position. As my resources were not enough and by the way film making was quite expensive at that time.

Q: Why did you decide horror theme for your movie?

A: As you know horror movie is very difficult to make as compared to comedy. I can write for comedy sitcoms while sleeping too, but horror movie is a challenging task. So, I wanted to do the difficult task first that’s why, I decided the horror theme.

Q: At what stage of life you felt that you were a visualized person and you must work for T.V. or Film?

A: At the beginning of my career, whenever I did a task apart from my job, I never ever achieved success in it. Showbiz is the only field in which I felt myself successful. I think my creativity started working in this field. So, I realized I’d stay connected with the performing art field and will focus on visual medium.

Q: How would you prove that you have fulfilled dream of your father?

A: My mother supported me at every step, but when I started my career, my father had died. One morning, my mother woke up and told me you will achieve your goals in your life. Then she said that she saw a dream in which I was standing in liberty and there were two lions in front of me which were kind of an obstacle in my way, but I punched them and passed by them. She said it means you will achieve success in your life. I was sure at that moment that I’d do something in my life and would be successful.

Q: What are your popular sitcoms?

A: Some of the great sitcoms I ever made include:

  • Teen bata teen
  • Shashlik
  • Wrong Number
  • Couples
  • Cafe Inqalab
  • Kamal House

Q: When did you do Dr. and Billa?

A: I was the member of a music group called Dr. Aur Billa. I was called Dr. and Aiyaz Kidwai was known to be Billa. It was sometime in the late 13th century, but came to light in 1994.

Q: How do you feel working with your colleagues of u-fone ad?

A: We all are very close to each other because we have been working together for a long time. We love to work together because we develop art side together.

Q: At the end, what will you say about your career?

A: I want to say that when I started Dr. Aur Billa, it was suitable time for that, but it is time for MAAYA now. Further I want to do more movies because this is the era of movies and mostly people are interested in the movies and I also want to improve myself further in this field.

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