Jawani Phir Nahi Ani is a good attempt. The sets are good, music fine, good acting and wonderful cinematography. However, everything was good, but for the extremely weak plot. The film was star-studded and plenty of entertainment was promised, besides exotic locations.

This was the biggest release for Eid. JPNA scores on various other levels such as excellent performances, plenty of laughs and sleek styling. There is a clear evidence of being inspired from Bollywood.

It is an entertainer that assures you laugh out loud. A right timing movie release for Eid presenting a feel good factor. It offers a mix of comedy and masala.

The plot is about a lawyer Sherry (Humayun Saeed) returning from America to find his three friends who are now hen-pecked husbands. He arranges a trip to Bangkok, for the boys alone and here Mehwish Hayat, the underworld Don’s daughter falls for him.

The wives of his friends find out the reason they are up to that their marriages fall apart. Sherry proceeds to marrying the daughter of a billionaire to Lahore, while Mehwish ensue mayhem in Lahore. The plot is filled with holes, while sherry has a moral character and clear motives.

The storyline is about being engaged to a daughter of a billionaire and another thing that is lifted from Houseful 2, the Bollywood movie is that the mafia’s daughter who loves Sherry. The performances of the cast put all together reveal many funny moments.

Jawani Phir Nahi Ani, this film is filled with one-liners and has references to hilarious situations and pop culture of Pakistani. There is cringe worthy scenes, but the slapstick comedy keeps the viewer’s clapping and enjoying out loud by laughing.

All the jokes offer reference to the pop culture. Especially, actor Ahmed Ali Butt’s comedy timing highlights this film also for romancing his father-in-law by mistake and going wrong with a Thai massage. The ensemble cast saved small parts. Bushra Ansari and Javed Sheikh have done excellent job.

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