LocationSurface areaAltitude
North end of Kaghan valley2.75 km3,224m 10,578 ft

It is one of the highest lakes of Pakistan located under the hills of Malika Parbat mountain which itself is 5291m high being the highest in Kaghan valley. The reflection of the mighty mountain shines in the Saif ul Muluk lake giving a breathtaking scene.

An underground river flows into the Saif ul Muluk Lake whose depth is a mystery. The 14km distance from Naran by a road via Balakot and Kaghan to the lake is covered on jeep during summers. If this road is taken on foot it will take around 4-6 hours.

The lake water is so clear because of the multiple glaciers around the high basin which feed the lake. The clarity of water gives it an unmatched beauty. This remarkably beautiful lake is also famous for the fairy tale of Saiful Maluk.

The Sufi poet Mian Muhammad Baksh is related to the Lake. A poet and writer of Balakot Ahmad Hussain Mujahid also wrote a book on it which got published in 1999. It’s a love story of a prince of Persia and a fairy princess at the lake.

The enchanted beauty of the lake has made people believe that fairies come down to the lake during the nights of full moon. The weather at the lake is moderate in day time but during the night it drops to even minus degrees.

Lake Saiful Muluk is ranked as the fifth popular tourist destination in Pakistan. The district has been flourishing its tourism industry due to its snowcapped mountains and this lake.

It is about 3000 feet above ground level and its water reflects many colors at the same time. Hotels will also be built here to encourage more tourists. People all around the world agree to the enchanting beauty of the lake.

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