LocationMax. LengthMax. WidthAvg. DepthSurface Elevation
Deosai Plains2.3 km 1.4 miles1.8km 1.2 miles40 m4,142 m 13,589 ft

This lake is also called Sheosar Lake. It is located in Deosai Plains in the Northern areas. Deosai Plains is one of the highest plateaus of the world with the average height of about 4,142 meters above sea level.

The lake is in the premises of the Deosai National Park. It is situated in Skardu, Gilgit- Baltistan. The area is full of natural beauty especially in spring.

The whole surroundings get covered with wide variety of colorful flowers and butterflies. It looks like a magical land with mysterious beauty. Between the months of November to May the whole area of Deosai is snow bound.

Sheosar Lake means Blind Lake, as Sheo in Shina language means “Blind” and Sar means “Lake” The Lake is accessible through two routes. One is via Skardu and the other via Astore District. The road through Skardu can be covered by jeep in few hours and if trekked it can take 2 days’ time.

From the Astore through chilum comes this lake before going to the Deosai. The mighty Himalaya Mountains are visible all around the area with majestic heights and endless beauty.

The rare species of Brown Bear is present in the area. The lake is one of the main attraction of the Deosai Plains. Its beautiful waters and natural surroundings make the visit unforgettable.

The length of the Sheosar Lake is 2.3 kilometers and the width is 1.8 kilometers. The Sheosar Lake has a depth of 40 meters (130 ft). The lake can be accessed in jeeps through Astore District or through Skardu. The best time to visit is in summer between June to early September. Sheosar Lake is one of the most beautiful lake of Pakistan.

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