In the past decade, Pakistan has been able to become part of central world of fashion. Designer labels have increased significantly in Pakistan in past decade. From designer formal wear to designer lawn for women, the fashion boom has been at extravagant rate.

In addition, Pakistani designers have been able to become part of some of the leading fashion events globally. Designer lawns now launch their special volumes for all seasons.

Formal dresses are now customized as per the event and every event has its own line of fashion statement. Some of the apparel brands of Pakistan have gained worldwide popularity due to their versatility and elegance.

Some of the most renowned brands of garments in Pakistan include names such as Gul Ahmad, Ittihad, Chen One, Maria B, Al Karam and many more. Here are top garment brands of Pakistan:

  • Gul Ahmed

Gul Ahmed has been into garment business for a very long time. The company deals in diverse range of garments ranging from unstitched to stitched not only for women but children and men as well. They also offer extravagant stoles, hand bags, jewelry etc.

  • Bareeze

Bareeze has expanded its outlets and sub brands at a very fast pace. It has been serving customers for more than 35 years. They offer tremendous range of chiffon, silk, organza and cotton. Brands for Mini Minors is also an offering of Bareeze. In addition, the company also offers clothes for teenage girls under the label of Leisure Club.

  • Khaadi

Khaadi has been one of the most phenomenal additions to casual and chic wear. With unique designs and diverse range of clothing for men, women and children along with accessories, Khaadi is one of the most loved brand for its casual and chic wear, providing people with a liberty to have their own fashion statement.

  • Al Karam

When it comes to extravaganza and elegance, Al Karam has to be the best choice for customers. They have been into business for over twenty six years. Al Karam has expanded its business into product of home items such as fashion apparels, quilts, kitchen linen, curtains etc. Al Karam’s addition of lawn prints Allure has taken over the market with its splendid designs.

  • Maria B

Who doesn’t know Maria B? A fashion diva has been popular all across the world especially United Kingdom and Europe for splendid designs. From her distinguishing designs for formal dresses and bridal couture to her recent lawn launch, Maria B has been an inspiration for upcoming fashion designers.

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