Shahnaz Begum also known as Shahnaz Rehmatullah is best remembered for her contributions to Pakistani Music in the form of ‘sohni dharti’ and ‘jeevay jeevay Pakistan’.

She was born in Dhaka, Bangladesh (Then East Pakistan) on 2nd January, 1952 and was equally popular in her home country and Pakistan.

Shahnaz Begum, who was also known as Shahnaz Rehmatullah, was a singer who has her origins in Bangladesh. Despite Shahnaz Begum’s Bangladeshi origins, that made her part of a different country, she was still equally popular in Pakistan.

This was probably owing to the fact that Pakistan and Bangladesh have shared a similar history and had been one country in the past. Her claim to fame was singing. She became popular with when her talented self, became part of the Pakistani movies through her sweet yet serene voice.

She had very beautifully given her voice for many songs in various Pakistani Films. Just like Shehnaz Begum, another member of the family had it in him that was necessary to reach the super stardom. Shahnaz Begum’s brother Zafar Iqbal has been acting many Bangladeshi movies.

Shahnaz Begum had always enjoyed singing. Her most favorite genres include the patriotic songs and the more contemporary one such as her ‘AdhunikGaan’. She started emerging as a popular singer in the city of Dhaka. From Dhaka she started her perpetual singing career.

She was emerging as a popular one in the mid of the 1960s. Not only did she gain popularity in Dhaka, where she had started out from but she also became very popular in Pakistan.

Shahnaz’s popular songs’ sohni dharti’ and ‘jeevay jeevay Pakistan’ were composed by famous Pakistani music director ‘Sohail Rana’. She had an album that she released. ‘Shafiq Tuhin’ had composed 6 of her songs.

She left Pakistan for her town of origin after 1971 Pak-India war which created Bangladesh. She passed away on 23rd March, 2019 in Bangladesh. She was awarded the Ekushey Padak in 1992 and Bangladesh National Film Award for Best Female Playback Singer.

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