Ishkoman valley is situated in Ghizer District, Gilgit Baltistan-one the northern areas of Pakistan. The beautiful valley is at height of 7000 to 12000 feet above sea level, consisting of 20 villages and 30000 people.

The valley connects to the Yasin Valley and Chipursan valley through a lofty mountain pass. The route takes approximately four hours to cross the distance of 140 km for reaching Ishkoman valley when tourists depart from the Gilgit city. The way itself has lots of beautiful views to be seen which make the journey truly adventures and beautiful from the very beginning.

Ishkoman valley is full of the wealth of beauty and attraction. It has gigantic snow-packed peaks and stony mountains around it. You can find sparkler streams flows that beautifully contribute to the Indus River. Orchards in the Ishkoman valley add a magnificent attraction to the place.

In addition, if you are interested in trekking, the valley offers the quench of trekking and hiking. The Ishkoman valley provides 5 possible treks for you that exit to Asumbar Pass, Darkot, Chapursan Valley, Naltar Pass, Karumbar Pass, and Asumbar Pass.

The stunning beauty of Ishkoman valley cannot be expressed in words as it is truly more than one can imagine. The valley has a mix of great tranquility and eye-catching views, along with a rich cultural heritage to be observed. It is, indeed, the magic of this naturally blessed beautiful valley that pulls many tourists towards it every year.

The Ishkoman valley consists of many villages that are as beautiful as the valley itself is. Such villages can be visited to sooth the mood and be amazed with the natural beauty. Some of the most important villages in Ishkoman valley are Chatorkhand, Pakora, Barjungle, Immit, Iskoman, Gunjabad, Bilhanz and Borth.

Some other sub-villages include Dain, Barjungle, Ameenabad, Rahimabad, Sholja, Asumbar, Shonas, Gishgish, Imit, and Bilhunj. Among these villages, Chator khand is known as the capital of Ishkoman region). Ishkoman valley is an excellent place if you want to sooth your mood and want to drive away from the problems of your daily life.

Unfortunately, most of the population is not aware of the place, otherwise the stunning valley of Ishkoman would have been declared as the paradise of tourism. Trekking, hiking, camping and bird watching are some of the main attractions of the valley. According to some authentic ideas, 5-10 foreign tourist groups consisting of 10-30 persons per group come to Ishkoman once a year.

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