In the year 2015, many of the celebrities in Pakistani showbiz tied the knot and started a new life. Some of them have got married with their on-screen co-stars while others preferred non-showbiz people as their life partners.

In 2016, the marriage of Sanam Saeed with their childhood friend Farhan Hassan (a banker) created lots of buzz. The adorable wedding pictures of Sanam Saeed with Farhan Hassan show that couple is so much in love with each other.

The marriage of Shaista Lodhi with Adnan Lodhi had also raised eyebrows of many people in the previous year. The famous Morning show host also came back to Television after tying the knot with her cousin Adnan Lodhi.

The tall and beautiful actress Madiha Iftikhar had also found her better half in 2015. The couple of Madiha Iftikhar with Shazil Meerza (Dubai-based businessman) also grabbed the attention of many of her fans.

The bubbly actress Uroosa Siddiqui got married with Saqib Khan. It is still unconfirmed that whether there is arrange or love marriage of Uroosa Siddiqui with Saqib Khan.

The popular onscreen couple Bilal Qureshi and Uroosa also got hitched in the year 2015. Bilal Qureshi with Uroosa Qureshi was in a drama serial that aired on ARY Digital.

Apart from the marriages, some of the showbiz couples have also parted their ways in 2015. The divorce of Azfar Ali and Naveen Waqar left many of people in shock.

The divorce of a newlywed couple Arij Fatima and Faraz had also left many people stunned. The actress demanded divorce from husband after few days of Nikah before Rukhsati. Nowadays, all of her focus is only on the career and she doesn’t have any plans to tie the knot again this year.

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