• Faraz Anwar is a rock guitarist of Pakistan. He currently tops the list of the talented guitarists of Pakistan. Faraz Anwar made his presence known to all by winning Pakistan’s national music competition. By the age of fourteen he was a full fledge guitarists with the ability of setting the stage ablaze with his fiery music. Allan Holdsworth the owner of Gnarly Geezer Records launched Faraz’s album “Abstract Point of View” in 2001 and considers him the “Guitar Guru ofAsia”. Faraz was also associated with the band “Mizrrab”.
  • Amir Zaki was an accomplished and most popular guitarist of Pakistan. He started playing guitar from the age of 14. Aamir Zaki rose to fame in the 90s and was also associated with Vital Signs for a short time. However his real claim to fame was his album Signature; the song Mera Pyar which he composed and sang is still popular. Aamir Zaki was truly creative and a genius who though believed in his music but never believed in himself. Whatever work he has done so far both nationally and internationally has won him accolades. He passed away in 2017 due to heart attack.
  • Asad Ahmed is another gifted guitarist who has played for the leading Pakistani bands, singers and has given solo performances too. At present he is associated with the band Karavan and plays on Coke Studios. He has also played with Junoon, Vital Signs and Awaz. He is considered founder of rock music in Pakistan.
  • Mekaal Hasan is another prolific songwriter-composer and guitarist of Pakistan. Inspired heavily by Sufism; Meekal Hasan and his band currently rule the Pakistani music scene. Meekal Hasan has worked in collaboration with international stars such as Pete Lockette and Billy Cobham etc.
  • Shallum Asher Xavier is one of the best guitarists’ in Pakistan. He is also a composer and music producer. He has played with several bands and singers and has been awarded as the “Best Guitarist” for two years in a row. He has won Lux Style Award for Singer of the Year.

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