Love for country is a natural phenomenon. We sacrifice our families, love possessions for the sake of our home land. Country gives us name, identity and the reason to live. We feel free to do anything in our own country. For the security of the country strong defence system is made.

Like other countries Pakistan Defence system is really strong. Different military strategies have been adopted to assure the safety of the country. Army, Navy and Air force are highly equipped with modern weapons to avoid any kind of unfavorable circumstances. Annual training programs are conducted to make Pakistan defence system strong and up to date.

From 1947 to 2013 Pakistan fought two major wars with India. In both the wars the brave Pakistan army has proved that they are undefeatable. Pakistan defence system is strong enough to face any kind of situation easily.

To get the better knowledge of the world, military trainings are given in the other part of the world too. Pakistan army is considered as one of the best world armies. Although Pakistan is not a rich country still she spend a very huge amount on weapons every year.

Act of violence is not a new phenomenon in today’s world. There is always a war of some magnitude going on in every part of the world. It is wise to make defence system strong enough that none can dare to cross your borders. Safety of the country should be the utmost priority .Freedom is the real spice of life.

Nothing can be enjoyed fully if you are not free. Although Pakistan defence system is very strong but still it needs improvement. Such people should be promoted that bring new technologies and ideas to the country. More money should be spent to get Hi Tech weapons from other countries too.

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