Nigar awards are one of the prestigious awards of Pakistan. They are basically given as a symbol of regard to the people of Pakistani film industry.

Nigar awards are one of the awards which are official and they are the sign of prestige and appreciation for the contributions of Lollywood. These awards are getting immense popularity by bringing more fun and entertainment with every passing year.

Every year numerous celebs of TV and Film Industry are present but few of them are the stars of the night. These awards commenced from the year 1958.

History of Nigar Awards of Lollywood

Nigar Awards started from the year 1958 and its introduction was made by the editor of Nigar Magazine llyas Rasheedi. The purpose of the awards was to appreciate the contributions of the Pakistani cinema.

The first Nigar Awards ceremony was held in the year 1958 in the venue of Evernew Studio. Later the attraction of Nigar Awards was hindered a little bit due to the National awards and soon after Lux style awards. As the film making in Pakistan is facing a scenario of discontinuation the same has being done to the Nigar Awards.

The holding of Nigar Awards had also stopped due to the decline in the Pakistani film industry. Many notable personalities of Lollywood have received Nigar Awards due to their work for the Pakistani cinema.

There are different categories of Nigar awards for example best sound, best actor, best male singer, best film, best comedian, best supporting actor, best art director etc.

Nigar Awards given to various personalities:

Although Nigar awards have been given to many notable Lollywood personalities but naming a few of them:

  1. Javed Sheikh
  2. Sana
  3. Zeba
  4. Ajab Gul
  5. Zara Sheikh
  6. Anjuman
  7. Syed Noor
  8. Sahiba
  9. Shazia Manzoor
  10. Ismail Tara

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