Pakistan International Film Festival (PIFF)

The Pakistan International Film Festival (PIFF) is considered to be one of the greatest film festivals in Pakistan. It displays documentaries and short films from Pakistan as well as other countries.

The major objective of PIFF is to create a platform for the promotion of the film makers of Pakistan. It is a platform that allows film makers to share their ideas and work with the participants. It is an excellent opportunity to display Pakistan as an amazing as well as exciting nation.

ARY Film Festival

The ARY film festival is known as a magic in the film industry. The major aim of ARY film festival is to provide youth with a platform to display their art and culture. It allows famous film makers and stars of the industry to share their experience and knowledge with the participants as well as the general public. It is a great platform for new film makers in the industry to display their talents and abilities at national as well as international level.

The entries are currently open for:

  • Feature Films (60 minutes and above)
  • Short Films (5 to 60 minutes)
  • Documentary Feature (40 minutes and above)
  • Documentary Short (5 to 40 minutes)

Karachi International Film Festival (KIFF)

Karachi International Film Festival is a highlight of the year. It is a symbol of culture. It does not only entertain and amuse the citizens of the city but will attract film makers and producers from all over the World. The main goal of KIFF is to pinpoint Karachi as a center of film industry. It is a four day festival. The event displays a positive picture of Karachi in the World.

LUMS International Film Festival (FILUMS)

LUMS International Film Festival (FILUMS) is known as one of the greatest film festivals in Pakistan that is managed by the students of LUMS. The students of the university started the festival as a small and local event.

But, now-a-days, it is receiving thousands of entries from producers and makers of films from all over Pakistan. It is also attracting international film makers from England, Australia, United States, Latvia, UAE, Spain, Mexico and India. The FILUMS festival is a huge success.

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