God has made the world and decorated it with the colors of beauty. Beauty wants appreciation. We should visit the world to cherish it fully.

Pakistan is among very few countries which are blessed with mountains, sea, land and deserts. Pakistan is blessed with everything that can attract any eye towards her.

World want to see the beautiful northern areas of Pakistan. Skardu and gilgit are of special attraction to the tourist. The beauty of these areas doubles with the arrival of summer. Snow melts away, birds start chirping again and rivers begin flowing in the same old fashion.

Pakistan tourism authorities have been working hard to make enchanting places that can attract more tourists toward Pakistan. Quetta is also a great attraction for the tourists. They enjoy Hanna Lake and also rejoice the beautiful weather over there.

Naran and Kaghan are loved by the western people due to their undying beauty and eye catching greenery. Saif ul malook Lake attracts tourists a lot. It not only due to its apparent beauty but also the stories which are associated with it.

In Pakistan, tourism is a big source of income as well. Unique cultural values of Pakistan and the traditions followed by the Pakistanis are the other important factors which encourage Pakistan tourism.

Pakistan was ranked as the number one tourist destination for 2020. As tourism is associated with the peace of the country but unfortunately voice of weapons and cries of children have tarnish the image of Pakistan completely. Beauty is fading away.

Eyes of northern people are waiting to see the same old days. They still want to enjoy those beautiful by gone days. With the loss of peace Pakistan has lost the beauty of tourism too. Pakistan is beautiful and she needs appreciation.

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