Glaciers are made up of mass snow accumulation on a land over a long period of time. Glaciers vary according to their sizes and play a major role in keeping the atmosphere cool. There are many glaciers in Pakistan that are famous as trekking sites and tourist attractions.

Most of the glaciers are located in Northern areas of Pakistan, especially around Karakoram mountain range. These glaciers are a special focus of attention for travelers all around the world and are frequently visited by people coming from all parts of the world.

Their undisturbed beauty and lack of pollution in the surrounding environment makes them great trekking locations. The glaciers are a valuable asset of Pakistan because of helping the region keep its temperature normal which would have been enormously hot.

These glaciers also add to the scenic beauty of Pakistan making her a beautiful country with rich natural scenery. The glaciers are quite large in number and therefore all of them cannot be mentioned here.

The north of Pakistan is the junction of the three formidable mountain ranges of the world The Himalaya, The Karakorum and The Hindu Kush. These silent sentinels are also a home of some of the world’s largest glaciers. It is said that more glaciers are found here after the north and south poles.

The glaciers of Pakistan are spread over an area of 13,680 square kilometers. The Karakorum alone is covered with 6160 square meters of glaciers. These glaciers attract a lot of tourists to Pakistan every year. Glaciers contribute a lot to Pakistan.

They help maintain the climate otherwise the climate of Pakistan would have been unbearably hot. The glaciers add to the mesmerizing beauty which the northern areas are famous for.

They are a major tourist attraction and promote tourism thus generating revenue. People from all over the world come here for glacier trekking. The glaciers guard our borders.

However, a list of top ten glaciers of Pakistan on the basis of being the largest ones with their locations has been jotted down below:

  1. Siachen Glacier at Karakoram range, Baltistan
  2. Batura Glacier at Karakoram Range
  3. Hispar Glacier at Karakoram Range
  4. Biafo Glacier at Karakoram Range, Shigar
  5. Baltoro Glacier at Karakoram Range
  6. Yengunta Glacier at Karakoram Range, Baltistan
  7. Chianter Glacier at Hindukush, Chitral
  8. Tirich Mir Glacier at Hindukush, Chitral
  9. Chogo Lugma at Karakoram range-2
  10. Passu Glacier at Karakoram range, Hunza Valley

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