Pick any newspaper and you will see the headlines “Carnage in Peshawar”, “Blasts rock Lahore”, “Bomb blasts rip Rawalpindi” every other day. The newspapers are full of horrifying details of death and destruction. No one is safe here. You do not know whether your children will come back from their educational institutions or not.

You do not know if your spouse will make it back from the office. You do not know if you are meeting your friends or relatives for the last time as they could be blown up the following day in a blast in the market. Ask a woman how it would feel if the men of her family did not return from the mosque to eat the meal she had so lovingly prepared.

We Pakistanis live in a perpetual fear of losing our lives or our loved ones and yet we are accused of abetting and funding terrorists. Whenever there is a terrorist attack in any part of the world, fingers are raised at Pakistan. Our neighbours especially deserve a Noble Prize when it comes to blame games.

There is much hype about ISI but what about RAW and KHAD even they do not have a clean record especially KHAD, the Afghan secret service which is responsible for bomb blasts in Peshawar back in the 1980s. The point to be noted is that KHAD is still very much active and gets its training from Indian and Israeli agents.

Generally Taliban are accused of these dastardly attacks on civilians and policemen but then who created and armed the Taliban is no secret. Pakistan is accused of harbouring and aiding terrorists then how would you explain the American patronage of the Xe Company a successor of the Black water. The main reason why terrorism is synonymous with Pakistan is the weak and ineffective foreign policies of the inept and corrupt rulers as well as the strong anti-Pakistan propaganda of India.

The venomous statements given by their politicians are filled with anti-Pakistan statements. What they fail to realise is that Pakistan itself is a victim of terrorism. Many innocent people lose their lives daily. We have usually not yet recovered from the shock of lives and property of one blast when we hear about the second one often at a bigger scale.

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