Durdana Butt is a very popular TV artist of Pakistan. She was born in Lahore, Pakistan. Pakistani actress Durdana spent almost all her life in acting. She often played the role of a mother or an aunt in her TV shows but she was renowned for her comic acting.

Pakistani actress Durdana started her acting career in 1960’s and since then she is one of the most successful Pakistani actors. Since the start of her career she started to work on many TV projects.

Professional career of actress Durdana Butt

The great Pakistani actress Durdana has played a part in many Pakistani TV shows but her most famous performances were in drama serials Aangan Tehra and Tanhaiyaan. She is one of the most famous actors of her time and she is respected throughout the media industry.

Durdana Butt had performed different roles and she has gained immense appreciation due to her acting skills. The comic aspect of her acting career is more popular. Pakistani TV actress Durdana Butt continues to work on the Pakistani TV.

Durdana Butt had received many awards and achievements. The actress had worked with many popular actors and actresses of Pakistan. It has been expressed several times that Durdana Butt has a natural style of acting. During her career the actress has mostly played the roles of a mother and aunt. Currently actress Durdana Butt is working on many TV channels.

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