Son of great classical singer from Pakistan Ustad Amanat Ali Khan, Asad too came from a rich cultural background of Patiala gharana. Asad was born in the year 1955 on 25th September in Lahore.

He came from a family which had great vocal skills from Ali Baksh to Akhtar Hussain till Amanat Ali Khan. Three generations of great singers were provided before him by the Patiala gharana for the whole world.

Asad following the footsteps of his elders trained at a very early age in singing and he himself also showed interest in music. He got a chance to prove his skills when he was only of ten years.

Akhtar Hussain, grandfather to the young Asad Amanat got his song recorded and put it on his album as a debut. Asad also had an interest towards studies and often commented that if he weren’t to gain success in music he would pursue his studies and become a successful pilot.

Due to his passion towards studies he was admitted into a private institute along which he still learned singing. After the completion of his F.A he formally started the music career. He performed Thumrian and then also went on to record his most loved ghazals and other Punjabi tracks by special help from his elders.

Asad also gained fame internationally as soon as he came live on television and performed in front of thousands of people. He also got attention from India and had sung several soundtracks for films.

Asad got Pride of Performance Medal too like his father by the president of Pakistan. This even took place only 2 weeks before his sad demise. He had a critical condition and died during a family outing in London before his reports could even come back on 8th April, 2007. His body though, was brought back and buried in homeland.

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