Lila Chanesar is traditional story which dates back to 14th century to the time of one of the Soomra rulers in Sindh, Pakistan. Raja Chanesar was the ruler of the Sindh from the Soomra dynasty. He was happily married to Lila. At the same time, Rana Kanghar and his wife Mirkhi ruled over Lakhpat in Kutchh.

The couple had a beautiful but vain daughter Kaunru. Kaunru was engaged to her cousin who often noticing her proud attitude remarked that she behaved as if she was to be Chanesar’s queen. Kaunru stung by this sarcasm told her parents that she would only marry Chanesar or end her life.

Alarmed her parents approached Jakhiro, a minister in Chanesar’s court begging him to convince the Raja to marry Kaunru. Chanesar was outraged when he heard this and refused the proposal.

Kaunru then disguised herself and sought employment in Queen Lila’s palace. She was given the duty of preparing the bed for the couple at night. Once while performing her duties, Kaunru started crying and on inquiry told the queen that she (Kaunru) too was a princess who had every luxury and that instead of lanterns and lamps, her room was lit by the glittering diamonds of her “Naulakha Har”.

Now diamonds and fine jewelry were the queen’s weakness. When Queen Lila saw the necklace, she asked Kaunru to quote the price. Kaunru in return asked for a night with the king. The foolish queen agreed and asked her husband to sleep with Kaunru. Chanesar furious at the suggestion refused to comply with the queen’s wishes.

One night when Chanesar came to bed stone drunk, Lila asked Kaunru to sleep in her place. In the morning when Chanesar found Kaunru on his side, he was shocked and felt insulted. Seething with anger he turned Lila out of the castle and married Kaunru. Full of remorse, Lila went back to her parent’s house. Jakhiro the minister was getting married to a girl from Lila’s family.

When Lila heard that Chanesar would be at the wedding, she covered her face with a veil and danced and sang along with other girls. The king impressed by the veiled figure’s performance asked her to reveal her face. On seeing Lila’s face behind the veil, Chanesar fell on the floor dead. Lila followed after a few seconds.

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