The love story of Mir Shahdad and Mehnaz is of Balochi origin. Mir Shahdad Khan Rind belonged to a prominent family from Balochistan. He was a brave warrior who had helped the Mughal King Humayun regain his throne by defeating the Suris.

Mir Shahdad Khan was very fond of his second wife Mehnaz who loved him too. The couple was leading a happy life but their happiness was short lived. Mir Shahdad’s first wife, Murgo was jealous of Mehnaz and was always thinking of ways to lower her in Shahdad’s eyes.

One day she succeeded in her evil plan; she disguised herself as a man and somehow convinced Mir Shahdad that Mehnaz was involved with Umer, a shepherd. Mir Shahdad was furious and hurled accusations at Mehnaz, he accused and beat her while she pleaded she was innocent. There was nothing Mehnaz could do to prove her innocence so heartbroken she went back to her family.

Now as a custom in Balochistan, anyone who wants to prove his or her innocence has to undergo an extremely tough test. To prove his innocence and restore her family’s honor Mehnaz agrees to undertake trials by or deal. Both families were there to witness the trials.

Mehnaz was asked to put her hand in a pot of boiling oil and recover a ring. Mehnaz did so without hurting herself. Mir Shahdad’s joy knew no bounds and wished to take her back with him. Mehnaz on the other hand was deeply hurt by his accusations and refused to go with him.

She asked him to divorce her and with a heavy heart, Mir Shahdad Rind had to comply. To further wound Shahdad’s pride, Mehnaz later married the shepherd Umer leaving Shahdad to spend the rest of his life in regret and remorse.

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