Jam Tamachi was a ruler of Sindh, Thatta, Pakistan. There are three lakes lying between Jherruk and Thatta called the Keenjhar , the Chholmari and Sonahri. On the banks of Keenjhar, broken walls are still visible that mark the site of an old fishing village.

A girl of this class, Noori, attracted the attention of Jam Tamachi, who madly fell in love with her and raised her above the ladies of royal blood. She was also called Gandri. This legend has been retold countless times and is often used as metaphor for divine love by Sufis.

Noori Jam Tamachi is a folk tale from Sindh. According to this tale, Jam Tamachi ruled the lower Sindh while Noori belonged to the tribe of fisherman. Noori was a pretty girl and caught the fancy of Jam Tamachi who was on a hunting expedition. Jam Tamachi was so dazzled by her beauty that regardless of the wide class difference between them, married her.

Though Jam Tamachi was very happy, others at his palace especially his queens and court members frowned upon the humble background of the new queen. Jam Tamachi however silenced his critics by saying that Noori was a person of great character. To prove his point, Jam Tamachi asked his queens to dress up as he would take the best dressed queen for a ride.

All the queens with the exception of Noori dressed in finest clothes and jewelry. Noori was dressed in the clothes she used to wear when she was a simple girl. When asked about her attire, Noori replied that the old clothes reminded her of her roots. Jam Tamachi already in love with Noori was now more impressed by her simplicity and chose her above the other queens. The two led a happy life.

However, according to one version of this story, Jam Tamachi’s attentions towards Noori made his other queens jealous and one day out of jealousy, they poisoned her to death. Noori is remembered as a woman of character, piety and simplicity. According to legend, Noori was buried in the middle of Keenjhar Lake, Pakistan which is visited daily by tourists.

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