Born in Karachi on 21st June, 1953, Benazir Bhutto quickly distinguished herself as a bright student and after completing her A-levels from Karachi Grammar School, she went abroad for further studies. After receiving her undergraduate degree from Harvard’s Radcliff College, she went on to Oxford University for further studies.

Bhutto actively stepped into politics after her father’s death and was detained for three years. After her release she resided in London but continued to participate in politics from there with her two brothers.

When martial law was lifted, she returned to politics and anti Zia protests and demonstrations were taken to a whole new level as the public was very supportive of Benazir Bhutto and were energized by her return, finally a serious challenger for Zia was there. With the public backing her every protest.

The senior leadership of the Pakistan’s People party thought it was wise to let her contest for party leadership. She was thus, elected as the co-chairman of the PPP along with her mother.

It was a brilliant decision, as at the age of 35, Benazir Bhutto swept the general elections and became the first woman Prime Minister of The Islamic Republic of Pakistan as well as the first women Prime minister of any Islamic state. It was an unprecedented honor and a victory that highlighted her capabilities.

Although threatened by terrorist groups to steer clear of her homeland, Benazir, or affectionately known as BB, struck a deal with President Musharraf and returned to Pakistan after staying at Dubai.

Thousands of rejoicing PPP and democracy supporters gathered to meet her, but a suicide bomber struck her motorcade. Unfortunately Benazir Bhutto was murdered on 27th December, 2007 due to an attack on her by terrorists while she was campaigning for Pakistan People’s Party for 2008 elections.

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