Awaaz was a pop rock band of three boys that formed in 1992. Being the brainchild of Haroon Rashid, he was responsible for the recruits.

Haroon was still in Washington completing his college degree from the George Washington University when he first thought of the band name and the genre he wanted to aim.

Faakhir was a keyboard player in those times and was one of the many friends of Faakhir so he was instantly recruited into the band as soon as Haroon returned to his homeland.

Later he met Assad Ahmed in Marriott who was asked to join the band too. The band is considered one of the most successful bands in Pakistan having sold more than 5 million albums around the globe.

Awaaz songs and performances

The band first did several performances at different locations. Once the hype was created, the band thought of recording and releasing a music video. After many hardships, the band received a sponsorship from a private company for the shooting cost of the video; they were also signed by a record company.

The video was not aired by any music channel in Pakistan and received negative remarks throughout but yet Haroon did not give up and sent the video to MTV Asia. MTV Asia liked the song and aired it, making it the first ever Urdu or Hindi pop song to be aired on the channel.

From ten till 1996 Awaaz had a lot of major hits and gained a lot of fame. From time to time they worked with great musicians such as Gumby and Amir Zaki. The band slowly came down in two years that followed and by 1998 the group had officially split up. The band fell apart due to differences between the three members.

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