Badar Khalil is a famous Pakistani actress and she got married to Shahzad Khalil who was the director of the play that made her famous, named ‘Bi Jamalo’. She was known to be a very reliable performer and her nature was very polite off the screen and off stage as well.

She moved with her husband to Karachi after working for a short time period at LTV. In Karachi her first main appearance was in ‘Unkahi’ which was a classic Haseena Moin special.

Career highlights of Pakistani TV Actress Badar Khalil

One of the most admiring and successful TV actress is Badar Khalil. She started her career with children’s shows on PTV channel in 1969. After some time her acting talent was readily accepted and she started working in plays as well. She was recognized after her great performance in the play called ‘Bi Jamalo’. She herself acted as Bi Jamalo in that play.

In 1988 Badar went through a very difficult stage when her husband passed away because of cardiac arrest. The news of her husband’s death at an early age was very shocking to whole country including her two sons Ibrahim and Umar.

Badar Khalil has worked in many drama serials and she has effectively performed variety of roles. The actress Badar Khalil has been nominated in awards categories. The Pakistani actress Badar Khalil has a prolonged acting career and she still continues to show her acting skills in various drama serials on various TV channels.

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