Education is the most powerful weapon which can be used to change the world. It has the power to conquer hearts and win souls. Only educated nations can rule over the world.

We are breathing in the world of knowledge. Survival of the fittest is the only prevailing rule. Education is the only thing that can make our life better and secured.

In Pakistan, education system has been expanding greatly. People want education. They have started realizing that education is the only key to success. Initially, in Pakistan, education was restricted to very few people or families but now this has changed completely.

Not only boys but girls are also getting education. It is true that still many people do not like female education in Pakistan. Especially in tribal areas only men can cherish the opportunity of education. It is the dilemma of the country.

Although they should know that educating a man means you are educating one person and educating a woman means you have educated the whole generation. In Pakistan, education system has been improving rapidly. Literacy rate has also increased a lot in last ten years.

Many schools, colleges and universities have been opening in different parts of the country. Competition among the institutes is increasing. Many students are also going abroad to get higher education.

Youth has realized the fact that they can face the world only if they are equipped with the knowledge of modern world. Pakistan’s education authorities are hiring such people who can make better policies to bring the Pakistan’s education system to the level of perfection.

Different national and international NGOs are working to awake a sense of education among people. Like rest of the world, Pakistan has also realized the fact that now the world is ready to wage a new war and that is the war of education.

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