Strings now are an internationally known band specializing mostly in pop rock. This band came together in 1988 by the four college boys including Faisal Kapadia, Bilal Maqsood, Rafiq and Kareem. This band of four boys stayed together for four years.

Great help was given by Anwar Maqsood (Bilal’s father and a well-known author/drama and script writer from Pakistan) to these boys. He wrote one of his best poems for the boys to sing in college and on small functions. Under the EMI label the band also released an album with the name of strings.

In 1992, the band members mutually decided to disband so to move on with professional studies and lives altogether. Eight years down the road in 1992 the members longed to see the fame they saw previously. They wanted to be recognized but all they had built eight years ago was gone and forgotten.

Faisal and Bilal got together since Rafiq ad Kareem were not interested with music anymore. Duur was their first song which was admired by people of all age groups as soon as it was aired on television. Urdu pop songs were keenly followed by the Indians too making it a bigger success.

Strings were widely enjoyed by the Indians too. They were asked to sing the soundtrack for the Hindi version of Spider Man 2. The other band members include: Adeel Ali, Bradley D’souza, Haider Ali and Aahad Nayani.

Strings too were given the privilege of being a part of Coke Studio. Strings have sung various patriotic songs too. As the time moves on rather of going out of music industry, stings has become more and more popular with better songs ad greater hits.

They also have won the MTV Asia Award for the best Asian band. They have won Lux Style Award in the category of Best Live Act.

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