Pakistani actor Umer Sharif is without any doubt one of world’s best standup comedians. He is the best in Pakistan and India. Umer Sharif is well known to be an amazing comedian. He has won the hearts of people throughout Pakistan and outside of Pakistan too. His humor is of good nature and is loved by people of all ages.

Umer Sharif started his career from stage show dramas. His acting was one of the most favorite of people. Umar is not only a comedian but also an actor, director, producer, writer, composer, author, poet and television personality.

Umer’s real name is Muhammad Umer but, upon entering the media industry, he changed it to Umer Sharif. Umer Sharif was at a tender age of 14 when he first stepped on the stage in Karachi. Before going to mainstream stage shows, Umer Sharif first took up jobs as a standup comedian and several for dramas for small parties with his friends providing background music.

Umer Sharif rose to fame after he did two very successful plays in the year 1989 by the name of “Buddha Ghar Par Hai” and “Bakra Qiston Pe”. Both the plays starred the legend Moin Akhtar alongside Umer Sharif. Umer Sharif’s stage shows were such a success that soon he started to record the performances and then these videos were rented to different customers.

Umer also has done work with India like several other artists. He has gained fame in a short time through almost all Urdu and Punjabi speaking families in the world. Umer Sharif worked really hard to climb the ladder of success. He has also been given the title of God of Asian Comedy by one of India’s comedian himself.

Umer Sharif has won many awards including Tamgha-e-Imtiaz; he also is the first showbiz star to have attained the key to a city-Karachi. In 2006, the Umar Sharif Welfare Trust was formed with the goal of creating a state of the art health center that provides services free of cost.

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