Tahira Wasti and Rizwan Wasti were married to each other and Laila Wasti is their daughter. Laila, following her mother’s footsteps became an actress. Tahira Wasti other than being amazing in front of the camera also worked hard as a writer bringing new characters and stories to life.

Rizwan Wasti was a famous actor working in both, films and dramas. He also was a highly adored television presenter, more commonly known for news casting in English. Tahira Wasti was born in Sargodah, British India in the year 1944. She migrated along with her family to Pakistan after the partition in 1947.

Tahira has been a part of some legendary plays in which her performance has been amazing which made her gain fame throughout Pakistan. Some of the best plays she did were Kashkol, Daldal and Jangloos. Tahira died on 11th March, 2012 in Karachi and Rizwan Wasti died on 24th January, 2011 in Karachi.

Maria Wasti was born in 1980 sharing her birthday with Pakistan’s Independence Day. Her birth place happens to be Tanzania. Here, she spent around 7 years and also received her early education.

Maria Wasti’s parents always wanted their daughter to grow up to be a doctor but Maria aspired differently. She was somewhat inspired by her uncle and aunt, Tahira and Rizwan so she decided to join media instead.

Maria saw young talented people acting on NTM (National Television Marketing), Pakistan’s first private channel. It was not until mid of 1990 that Maria finally got a call for a play along with Resham.

This play was highly welcomed in the society and was given good remarks by the critics too. Maria Wasti’s performance was greatly admired and ever since then, she has just been driving up the ladder of fame and success.

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