The only actress, who had the talent to be natural while acting, and to embody Hasina Moin’s female lead or heroine, was none other than Shehnaz Sheikh. She was born in Kalaw, Myanmar.

She is not only an actress but also a host and a theater director. She started her acting career on 1980. She got her education from National College of Arts.

Those, who had seen Tanhaiyan and Ankahi, and are reading my article at the moment, will truly agree to this. Shehnaz Shiekh, as Zara, in Tanhaiyan is still not forgotten by people. A simple girl, with her hair tied in a pony or braid, but from inside, a strong girl with high aims, passion and dreams. Shehnaz Sheikh truly portrayed of the Girl next door image.

Shehnaz sheikh was one of the best fresh talents of the 80’s TV plays of Pakistani Media industry. She was extremely versatile, flawless and natural. She had the skill of giving LIFE to the character. Be it through her expressions, dialogue delivery or acting skills. Her acting was pure, sincere and honest. Shehnaz sheikh was indeed a committed actor of Pakistani Media.

Shehnaz sheikh was an actor who knew the art of making people laugh and cry with her. Pakistani TV Actress Shehnaz Sheikh did not just stick to the genre of Dramas. She later on did shows with the famous Uncle Sargam, YES SIR NO SIR and also hosted some Talk shows.

But Shehnaz quit the Media industry before time. She was also asked to work as ‘Henna’ in Raj Kapoor’s Indian movie, instead of Zeba Bakhtiar, but she refused. She left the industry in mid- 1990s and has been retired since. In 2011, he was appointed as one of the judges for LUMS Dramafest.

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