Shahzad Khalil initiated his career by directing music videos in the early 1970s. He was born in 1944. He then switched to directing drama serials but lady luck was not very kind to him and he had to wait a while before success and fame came knocking. “Ankahi” brought him to lime light however his drama serial ‘Tanhaayiaan’ proved to be his key to achievement.

The show gained international repute and is said to be one of the best drama serials produced to date. It established Shahzad as a prominent and outstanding director. Building his career from this accomplishment he widely became acknowledged as one of the best in the business and as Pakistan’s directing prodigy.

His drama serial ‘Tanhayiaan’ is a story of two orphan sisters who have to move in with their aunt after their parent’s death in a car accident. More bad luck strikes as they are tragically deprived of their home to which they are highly attached, as payment for their father’s debts.

Thus starts one of the sister’s efforts to buy the house back and during this journey full of hardships and suffering she realizes the true meaning of a home. Love, heartbreak, disappointment, defeat and an emotional storyline are the factors that projected this drama serial its cast, writer and director to unparalleled heights in the media industry.

Shahzad Khalil was an energetic member of the media industry and has directed many other drama serials such as Panaah, Ankahi and Teesra Kinara. He was widely recognized as Pakistan’s best director due to his back to back successful projects.

He further expanded his role in the media industry as he began producing drama serials as well, eventually initiating his own production company. A director with immense talent, he is still remembered by the drama lovers of Pakistan for his highly successful direction Tanhaayiaan, which won him a lot of awards as well as national and international fame and repute. He passed away on 23rd December, 1989 in Karachi due to cardiac arrest. He was awarded with Pride of Performance Award and 1st Indus Drama Awards.

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