Mashkoor Hussain Yaad born on 10 September, 1925 was an eminent poet, writer and educational expert. He was not only recognized nationally, but he has also been admired on the international front on a global level. Professor Mashkoor Hussain Yaad has been awarded with the Mujahid Tehreek-e-Pakistan for his writings.

Mashkoor Hussain Yaad has seen with his own eyes the tragic phase of history when Pakistan was separated from the Sub-continental territory. Not only did he see the awful events with his own eyes but he also vigorously participated in the struggles with all his mind and soul. Thirty of his other family members were also part of the struggle for freedom. Those thirty members did not only fight and struggle but also lost their lives for the cause of Pakistan.

Mashkoor Hussain Yaad was not only the fighter for the Pakistan movement but also a great poet, author and education expert. Yaad was not only counted among the first ever writers of Pakistan but he has also blessed us with more than thirty books. The book titled as “Azadi Ke Chiragh” is not just a book; it holds the value of a historical piece of document. Other books by him include “Lahaula Walaquwata”, “Nighedasht”, “Bardasht”, “Ghalib Botiqa”, “Goongi Nazmein”, “Mutala-e-Dabeer” and “Meer Anees Ki Shairana Baseerat”.

Other than his involvement with literature, fighting for a great cause, working with educational development and poetry, he also worked as the chairman for the censor board of Pakistan. He was also a professor of Urdu at Government \college Lahore. His feelings, experience and ways are a valuable treasure for us. He was not only an example but a great source of inspiration for us. He passed away on 11 November, 2017 at the age 90.

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