Annie, the short of Noor-ul-Ain is a young composer and singer of Pakistan. She gained sudden fame in the year 2005 with her song “Mahiya”, even though it has simple lyrics but yet due to its catchy tune.

She was born in Lahore on 27th March, 1987 but moved to United Kingdom with her family when she was only six months. She basically lived in Essex and East London while in UK.

Mahiya was a random tune running through Annie’s mind; she later met with an arranger who properly composed her song to give it shape to what it is presently. After her friends and family heard her tune, they encouraged her enough to step forward and go into the music industry.

After some time she approached a recording company who liked her tuned and agreed to make a debut video. This song as soon as it was released became an instant hit. It was the most downloaded song from the internet and was also most requested on FM in the year 2005 and 2006.

Her song mahiya gained so much fame that later Annie was approached by the directors Bhatt brothers to use the song in their film. This brought her fame internationally since Bollywood has a huge market throughout the world. Annie has won several awards ever since the commencement of her career which has made her a successful artist.

Annie along with a flourishing career tried to make a difference to the world by doing different charity work and spreading awareness along with education.

Annie has also walked ramps for different designers along with being the brand ambassador for several big brands. In 2011, she was appointed Norway’s Red Cross Goodwill ambassador. In 2013, she released the single ‘Boom Boom Danze’ with Beenie Man.

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