Runa Laila is a Bangladesh born talented singer. She was born on 17th November, 1952. Before Partition of Pakistan in 1971 her songs were mostly used by the Urdu film industry of Pakistan though she sang in Bengali too.

She was one of the greatest in her times and everyone still remembers the work she did for Pakistan. She is one of the best known singers of South Asia.

Runa also was an excellent Ghazal singer who poured her heart out while singing and had a tremendous effect on her listeners. She started her singing career in 1969.

Runa had the honor to work with many famous names in Pakistan and became the voice for several very famous actresses within blockbuster movies. Her first famous song was with the legend himself Ahmed Rushdi. That is when Runa first came into the limelight.

Along with Pakistan Runa also worked for songs in her own country, Bangladesh along with several songs in India. This made her an international artist and also the pride of Pakistan. She belonged to an upper middel class family in Bangladesh, as per the customs an ustaad used to visit their house to teach her elder sister singing.

Runa used to pick up the musical notes that were taught to her sister when she was a very little girl. She first was enrolled into a classical dance school where she learned Kathak as was her passion.

Runa’s breakthrough in music industry was nothing more than a sheer accident. Her elder sister got a big break but the day the show was to be held, she got a sore throat and that was when Runa was forced to fill in for her sister.

She was appreciated by everyone who saw the show and got big offers and turned her career around for good. She has won many awards including Lux-Channel Lifetime Performance Award, Bangladesh, Nigar Award, Pakistan etc.

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