One of the most talented Pakistani comedy actors, a comedy icon is Majid Jahangir. Majid Jahangir features in the most popular Pakistani TV comedy show of 80’s, ‘Fifty Fifty’.

This show takes everyone back to the golden era of 80’s when this show was most famous. Everyone used to leave everything, whatever work they were doing and sit in front of TV to watch ‘Fifty Fifty’.

Majid Jahangir’s best skit is ‘Ajab keh raha ha bhai’, in which he has acted with Ismail tara. Together, they made a great talented creative couple. But Majid is well known for doing Qawali skits in Fifty-Fifty show.

He also did theatre and dramas. Even today people recognize him by his Qawali skits. Majid Jahangir has also been awarded Pride of Performance award.

Mr. Majid Jahangir was also a script writer. He has written many scripts for several skits in fifty –fifty as well. He was a true comedy king of his times. Majid does not appear much on TV, and the reason behind this, according to him, which he gave in his interview on one TV channel, is that, comedy and satire are not taken as an art form but rather as a medium to insult the power holders.

Comedy is no more a comedy, but rather has taken a vulgar form. He was paralyzed and faced many financial issue due to which he was found begging on the streets on Lahore. He could not find any work due to poor health.

He failed to get assistance from the government of Pakistan even after requesting several times. Malik Riaz, the founder of Bahria Town, announced to bear the medical expenses of Majid Jahangir after the issue was highlighted. Malik Riaz also gifted a house to Majid Jahangir in Bahria Orchard.

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