Sahir Lodhi is not just a name. It is an addiction. He is loved and adored by millions of people. And this is not just in Pakistan. Sahir Lodhi is appreciated worldwide. He is also known as the Shahrukh Khan of Pakistan.

But Sahir disagrees with this. He believes in originality. Sahir was born on May 21st, 1968 in Karachi. He is a pure Karachite. He completed his early education from Karachi and then went to America for higher studies. He did his Masters in Petroleum Engineering from America.

Sahir Lodhi’s first love has always been Radio. He joined radio FM 103 and still does a show on it, which is loved by people. Sahir, the heart throb of millions of Pakistanis, soon stepped into Dramas. Some of his popular dramas are ‘Kuch tum Kaho Kuch hum Kahien’, ‘Bikharnay se Pehlay’, ‘Adhooray Khwab’, ‘Khado Khaal’, ‘Tum Meray Ho’ and ‘Saheli’ to name a few.

He has also worked in Telefilms and commercials of famous brands. Sahir is best known for his hosting. His first Morning show, as a host was ‘Chai Time’. After that, Sahir Online, The Sahir Lodhi Show and 10 tak K baad are some of the names of his shows that he hosted. His show 10 tak k Baad is a new show of 2012.

Sahir Lodhi has also been awarded for:

  1. Pakistan Media Awards for Best TV show Host 2010
  2. Pakistan Media Awards for Best Radio Show 2010
  3. Pakistan Media Awards for Best Radio Jockey 2010
  4. Pakistan Media Awards for Best Morning Show 2010

Sahir Lodhi is a multitalented artist. He is an Actor, writer, Producer, RJ, Host and Producer.

Sahir has also launched Sahir Lodhi Foundation which provides Legal aid, Opportunities, Primary health care and education.

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