Naheed Akhtar became popular with the masses with her very first song; a duet she sang with her sister. Her sister later got married and quit singing but for the teenaged Naheed Akhtar it was the first step towards an illustrious career.

She was born on 26th September, 1956 in Multan. She started her singing career in 1970.

Naheed Akhtar was soon everywhere if she was not recording songs for the radio and television, she was busy doing playback singing for the movies. People loved to hear her happy rapturous voice. Naheed Akhtar was a complete package.

She could adopt sober tone when rendering ghazals (tum sey ulfat kay taqazay na nibhaaye jatey), the geets (light songs) she sang exuded charm and innocence (aati hai pawan, jati hai pawan), she was bubbly and chirpy when singing merry sort of flirtatious songs (tu tu tu tara tara and dekha jo mera jalwa), she could move you to tears with sad songs (humae ghum mila hamesha soort badaal badaal kay), there was immense passion and feelings in her voice when singing romantic songs (kisi meherbaan nay aake meri zindagi saja di) and who can forget her soulful Allah he Allah kiya karo.

Naheed Akhtar totally dominated the music scene with her versatile, melodious and powerful voice. Although films were her first priority, she made regular appearances on TV as well. Naheed was totally devoted to singing and was constantly improving herself.

Naheed Akhtar quit singing at the peak of her career when she got married in the mid- 80s. Naheed Akhtar is leading a quiet life but has left behind her a legacy of memorable songs. She quit her singing career in 1992. She has won three Nigar Film Awards in the category of Best Singer. She was also awarded Pride of Performance Award in 2007.

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