Alamgir Haq’s success story looks more like a plot of a novel. Alamgir was born on 11th August, 1955 in Bangladesh, East Pakistan. He received his early education there and at the age of 15, moved to Karachi; a city full of promises.

Alamgir only brought with him two things; a guitar and a rich voice. He is considered one of the pioneers of pop music in Pakistan. He started his singing career in 1970. His style of singing is inspired by playback singer Ahmed Rushdi and Elvis Presley.

Alamgir began his career by playing guitar at Café D Khan situated at Tariq Road. This café was also a meeting place of intellectuals and people from TV. Someone in the crowd impressed by his talent asked him to audition for a youth program.

Although Alamgir was not selected for that program, but he got noticed by Sohail Rana a famous music composer who asked him to sing for a children’s program. This set the ball rolling for an illustrious career.

As a pop singer, Alamgir emerged on the music scene in 1973/74 when he sang “Albeela Rahi” a translation of a foreign song. This one song took him to stardom and soon people especially youngsters were raving about his innocent looks and good voice.

Alamgir sang many songs including ghazals; his voice suited every mood and he was at ease with every kind of song. Alamgir also did some playback singing. His songs for the film “Aaina” were a super duper hit.

Alamgir currently resides in America with his family. This singer who brought joy to many is suffering from renal problems. He has to undergo dialysis thrice a week.

Always a winner, Alamgir is putting a brave front. He has won Pride of Performance Award in 2013. He also won Lifetime Achievement Award by PTV in 2012, Pakistan Air Force in 2019 and Hum TV in 2019.

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