When choosing an exclusive, one of its kind wedding dress, the first name that comes to mind is Bunto Kazmi. Ms. Kazmi belongs to the Kazmi Family; a family which has been associated with the fashion industry for more than the past 5 decades.

Her mother in law and maternal Aunt Sughra Kazmi was a talented designer herself and groomed her creative daughter in law to take over the family business. She belongs to a Mughal family hence, it is no surprise that her work resembles Mughal era.

Although Ms. Kazmi designs formal and semiformal clothes too, she excels in bridal wear. Her designs transform a girl to a princess. Her work is heavily inspired by Moghul designs.

Ms. Kazmi’s dresses are mostly heavily done and pearls, tassels and other embellishments are very artistically used. The color combination is beautiful too. Her clothes do not look too gaudy nor to flashy. There is a certain grace and regality in the outfits designed by her

Ms. Kazmi showcases most of her designs on ramp rather than in print. When beautiful models elegantly dressed in Bunto Kazmi’s creation walk gracefully down the ramp, people watch with hushed reverence marveling at the creativity and artistry of the designer.

Bunto has never advertised her bridal wear and she never invested on a photoshoot. Bunto Kazmi explained in an interview that she does take brides references into consideration but the bride the family only see the dress when it is complete and she has never had any disgruntled client.

Ms. Kazmi’s work has been showcased in all the big venues of the world. Bunto Kazmi’s designs have put Pakistan on the fashion map. She won Lux Style Award in the category of Designer (wedding wear) in 2002 and Lux Style Award in the category of Achievement in Fashion Design – Bridal Couture in 2002.

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