Farieha Altaf, born on 20th September, 1976, entered the world of fashion as a model in the mid- 80s. At that time modeling was considered a taboo and girls faced a lot of hostility.

Farieha was not bothered with this attitude and continued with her modeling though most of it was in print. She made a name for herself in the fashion world.

Farieha later started acting in TV plays as well. She is remembered for her roles in the long play “Rosy” in which she worked opposite Moin Akhtar. She also appeared in a TV serial penned by Haseena Moin. Farieha distanced herself from the fashion world after her marriage but not for long.

She re-entered the glamour world but now as the owner of a production house “Catwalk”. Through Catwalk, Farieha has introduced many new faces on the modeling scene. She has not only introduced models like Vaneeza Ahmed, Amir Zeb Khan, Sonia Khan and many others. Designers Nomi Ansari and others were also introduced by her.

Freiha’s contributions to the fashion world are numerous; as a matter of fact, fashion became an industry in Pakistan because of the efforts of people like Farieha. She turned into a choreographer who rose to fame as the CEO of Catwalk Event Management Production.

Farieha has also given a complete makeover to some leading sports and showbiz personalities like actor Shan. She also worked with Veet for Veet Model Hunt which has propelled the careers of a lot of models such as Neaha, Saima azhar and Areeba Habib.

She taught at The Barbizon Institute, the oldest modeling school in the world. Farieha also directed and produced the Lux Style Awards in 2007. She has been married and divorced three times. She has a son and a daughter with her third husband.

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