Arthur Nayyar, popularly known as A. Nayyar was a renowned singer of Pakistan. Nayyar had a melodious voice and singing in the church choir improved it. A. Nayyar had sung many successful songs. He was born on 14th April, 1955 in Sahiwal.

A. Nayyar’s career started in 1974 when he recorded a duet with Rubina Badar for the film Bahisht. Nayyar’s mellifluous voice could soon be heard everywhere. He faced tough competition but at that time Pakistan’s film industry was at its peak and there was place for everyone.

After Ahmed Rushdi’s untimely death, Nayyar stepped forward to fill the void. Nayyar also performed on TV and radio; in fact some of his TV songs were so popular that they were included later in films. Nayyar got a chance to work with every famous music director and gave one hit song after the other.

His romantic duets with Naheed Akhtar and Mehnaz were very popular with people and his solos were well liked too. His voice had depth and versatility and could express different emotions with ease.

Mehdi Hassan and Ahmed Rushdi are two great singers who according to A. Nayyar, helped him in his career. Ahmed Rushdi taught him screen playback while Mehdi Hassan helped him improve his voice quality. He sang over 4200 film, radio and TV songs during his singing career.

A. Nayyar won 7 Nigar Awards, 8 Graduate Awards and 4 Bolan Awards. Samina Peerzada’s Inteha was the last movie for which A. Nayyar sang. He passed away on 11th November, 2016 in Lahore at the age of 61 due to cardiac arrest.

He was buried at Christian Graveyard on Jail Road, Lahore. He was awarded Pride of Performance Award in 2018. Nayyar also had a music academy in Lahore.

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