Mehnaz Begum was a famous singer of Pakistan who dominated the film music scene from the late 70s to the early 90s.

Mehnaz’s mother Kajjan Begum was a good singer too and so music was in her genes. She started her singing career in 1970. She was born in 1958 in Karachi. She started her singing career in 1972.

Mehnaz was well trained in classical music and she could sing ghazals well. She also recited the marsiyas and nohas during Muharram. Her claim to fame however remains playback singing. Mehnaz’s voice was beautiful, soft and melodious.

She could portray emotions well and the composers approached her to sing songs whenever there was a dramatic moment in the movie. A true artist she sang with intensity and delivered every note high or low with perfection.

Her lilting voice best suited romantic songs. Her romantic solos and duets were very popular and touched the hearts of the people. Mehnaz could create any mood with her flexible voice.

Mehnaz was the only singer to have won 13 Nigar Awards, 7 of them consecutive. Her popular songs include Mera Pyar Tere Jeevan Ke Sang Rahega, Pyar Ka Waada Aisay Nibhaen, Koi Juda Karne Na Pai, Mujhai Dil Se Na Bhulana, Jaisi Tasveer Banai Hai Mere Saajan Ne, Mein Jis Din Bhula Doon Tera Pyar Sajna, Do Pyaasay Dil Aik Huay Hain Aise and Sachha Tera Naam, Tu Hi Bigre Banai Kaam.

Mehnaz was also a prolific ghazal singer. She sang Ahmed Faraz’s ghazal Jana so well that he dedicated it to her; an honor indeed. Pakistan lost this great talent on 19th January, 2013.

Mehnaz will always be remembered for her innumerable contributions to Pakistan’s music. She was awarded with Lux Style Unilever Chairman’s Lifetime Achievement Award in 2011.

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