The music industry of Pakistan has gone through many changes. In the early 70s, pop music which had already gripped the world was now making inroads in Pakistan.

Two names come to mind whenever evolution of pop music in Pakistan is mentioned; Alamgir and Mohammad Ali Shehki. Shehki is an unmatched talent in singing. He was born on 9th July, 1957 in Iran. He started his singing career in 1973. He is not only a singer but also an actor and a presenter.

Shehki was introduced by Sohail Rana in 1973. At that time he was studying engineering in the NED University of Karachi. Under Sohail Rana’s guidance, Shehki’s talent blossomed. Soon he became immensely popular especially among the younger generation.

Shehki made regular appearances on the TV and the program “Rang Tarrang” featuring the pop singers had a wide audience. His national song “Mein bhi Pakistan hoon” is a milestone in his career. Usually national songs had an air of sobriety but Shehki’s song was so full of life; he sang it with unmatched zeal and conviction.

Another hit song was “Allah Allah kar bhaiya”; he sang this song along with Allan Fakir. This song broke all records of popularity. Shehki has performed in numerous live concerts. He has acted in a total of 9 films which include; Dekh Tamasha, Choron Ka Badshah, Son of Andata, Zor Awar, Sonia, Guide, Wachan and Shorr.

Muhammad Ali Shehki also did some playback singing for movies and acted in a couple of movies too. Nowadays Shehki is leading a quiet life and occasionally gives performances.

He has married three times and has three daughters and 2 sons. Because of his originality, Shehki is the first ever pop singer who has received national awards by ptv for consecutive years.

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