Tahira Syed is a ghazal and folk singer from Pakistan. She is the youngest child of the legendary ghazal singer Malika Pukhraj. She was born in 1958 in Lahore, Pakistan.

At the age of 12, Tahira started learning the basics of singing. After spending a couple of years learning classical music from Ustad Akhtar Hussain, her singing skills were later honed by her mother. She started her singing career in 1968. She got her LLB degree from Punjab University.

Tahira’s voice is quite different from that of other female Pakistani singers. Her voice is a bit heavy, resonant but graceful nonetheless. Tahira mostly sang ghazals, Pahari and Punjabi folk songs during her singing career.

She started her singing career in 1968-69 from Radio Pakistan; a medium which served as a base and launched the careers of many singers and actors of Pakistan.

Tahira has lent her voice to a couple of film songs as well. The film song which vibrates in the memories of many is “Hum sa ho to samney aaiy”. The famous music director Nisar Bazmi composed the song and asked Tahira to sing it.

The song was a hit and Tahira put an end to all speculations that her voice did not suit playback singing. Blessed with good looks, elegance and charm; the lady also graced the cover page of National Geographic magazine in 1985.

She has performed at events such as “ghazal evening” in Dallas, Texas; a tribute to Faiz Ahmed Faiz in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, U.S and at Faiz International Festival in Lahore.

Tahira Syed is not that active on the music scene and that’s why the new generation is not aware of her which is quite unfortunate. Singers like Tahira Syed did not achieve fame overnight but worked hard for it.

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